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Ordering a custom board should be an exciting process. Hears where your magic dream board comes true, start by choosing what model you want, and complete each category. Here’s a few tips to help you get the right board under your feet.

  • You can check size and widths for each model in the model section of our website (try to stay close to the standard dimensions)
  • Choose whether you want PU or EPS epoxy, and the glassing you want (heavier surfer can opt for 6oz glass. For step up and guns thicker stringer are a good option too)
  • In the spiecal instructions feel free to give any info to help the shaper. (weight, height, age, and experience level) or what your getting this board for.
  • FCS and futures are the best fin systems available we offer both, you can also choose 5 fin setup on any model for a additional cost.
  • Attach any art work or air spray you want on your board.

After you complete the order form. Luke may contact you to ask any final questions. Boards can be ready for pick within 7-14 days from finalizing the order. Rush orders can be done in 3 – 5 days with added cost. Boards that need to be shipped will take longer depending on location.
Payment information. Currently we only accept Paypal.

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